Easter.  Holidays always come with lots of fuss that can take away from the true celebration of the day.  And nothing can cause a fuss like Easter outfits.  So decide what you are going to wear today, and take the fuss out of it. The perfect time to pull that cream color dressed out of … Continue Reading

If you haven’t noticed my love affair with Mini Boden for Spring dressed for my girls, you haven’t been paying attention!  Here are some more great options for Easter.  These dresses are also available from Nordstrom, which is my personal fav because of free shipping and a great return policy.   The baby’s dress comes … Continue Reading

Easter comes early this year moms!  We are three weeks away.  And I know you want to be on point with something precious for your cutie.  And if you are like me, you also want to avoid dragging them to the store the week of, seeing what sizes are left. The last time I dragged both … Continue Reading