This is a quick reference guide on my makeup basics.  I don’t deviate much from look to look, so it’s pretty straight forward.  Plus pretty much all of this is available on Amazon (Prime for the win!  Now that’s definitely on point).

Things I always wear:

  1. L’oreal Paris Black Mascara – from Amazon!  I get is shipped via subscribe and save (how genius is that?) once a quarter.  Fresh mascara is good mascara.  Put on a little for everyday and a lot for date night.
  2. Bare Minerals Foundation in Medium Beige – Easy go to powder.  Use a fine brush to cover blemishes (AKA – the scars on my face.  I’ve had stitches three times in my life.  Ranging from at age three on the bathtub to last year while pregnant.  Yes. And all three times, they’ve been ON MY FACE.)  Larger brush for all over the face.
  3. Bare Minerals Blush in Warmth – This will last you FOREVER.  Takes just a touch of this stuff that you brush off the top of the jar to do the job.

Now to add some fun.  For date night and events I take my basics up a notch.

How to glam it up:

    1. Super Goop Foundation in Light/Medium.  I put this liquid foundation under my bare minerals when I want a little more finished look.  You need a good brush for this. (Y’all, in all honesty I’m such a newbie at this, a sweet friend this last summer was like “here sweetie, I bought this brush to help you put your foundation on, since I know your new at this”.  We all need friends like that.)
    2. Eyeko Fat Eyeliner.  Put your favorite eye shadow on first and then add this to but some wow factor on your eyes.
    3. LIPSTICK!!!  Big bold lipstick is on trend and fun!  Mom has game!   Here are some lipsticks I use frequently and love.  Pick the ones you like.  The mega red stila all day lipstick (color beso) is my top pick.

How to make your hair fabulous:

  1. I did a whole post on all this shampoo and conditioner.  Smell like a Hawaiian beauty people!  This stuff is tops!
  2. Buy a Sedo Wand.  And start doing magic.  I did whole post and the curling wand too.