This is my cutie pie littlest Valentine.  The outfit she wore yesterday is from Lolly Wolly Doodle.  Leg rolls on point. My kids aren’t old enough yet to have school Valentine exchanges.  But I was talking with a friend about moms who go over the top and create adorable masterpieces for their kids to pass out.  Why can’t … Continue Reading

Spring in Texas.  AKA – Early February.  We are outside!  Praise!  This little table top sand box and sand is a huge hit with my two year old!  She loves making shapes using the stamps. The best part about this sand is that doesn’t stick to you (but sticks to itself) limiting the mess of sand.  We … Continue Reading

Let me assure you – we received this blanket as a gift.  I fall a bit too much on the practical side to get a cashmere blanket for a baby…. doesn’t mean I still can’t revel in the softness and beauty of it! The soft pink is a perfect newborn girly.  If you are looking for … Continue Reading

Our daughters love to read books with us.  I thank God that my mother in law (a retired elementary school teacher with a master’s degree is literature) made not so subtle suggestions that reading to our kids five minutes every day was mandatory from BIRTH. Here are some of our favorites.  And the last one … Continue Reading

Keeping kids cooped up inside in the winter is HARD.  So we frequently take our Radio Flyer Wagon for a spin around the neighborhood.  My girls love it and my five month old is big enough to stay securely seated (with a tight buckle). Also, the coat my toddler has on is fabulous.  Really cute (love … Continue Reading

Ladies – I would never buy kid gear just because it looked fashionable (in this case fashionable if your sensibility is modern), but I would buy it if looked fashionable and was amazing functional. Enter the Boon Highchair. It’s is EASY TO CLEAN!  It has a wheel so it’s easy to move around.  The small … Continue Reading