This morning I played with my girls outside the fountain at our church.  Eric snapped a few pictures of us, and it was a blissful Mother’s Day morning.  Full of all the gratitude, nostalgia, and warm feeling that accompany the sentiment of the day.  But I’m always reminded that this day is painful for some … Continue Reading

Panic was starting to take over.  It had been building all day.  The despair had set in. I’d been praying fervently and there was no sign that my prayer would be answered.  Why?  Why? I had deftly deflected the panic by staying busy most of the morning.  Preoccupation seemed like just the remedy, but then … Continue Reading

This summer, I watched a sweet friend die from inflammatory breast cancer.  She kept an amazing blog you can read here – the link is to my favorite post from her blog, which was actually written by her husband Brad (sorry Ashleigh) shortly before she died. Ashleigh and Brad have two small boys who are pretty close … Continue Reading