Disclaimer – I am NOT a beauty blogger.  Youtube video’s of tricks for contouring your face just boggle my mind.  Those videos are amazing, but I JUST DON’T HAVE THE TIME.  If you are like me, and don’t have the time (calling all moms!), may I suggest the Sedo curling wand?  It is so on point. … Continue Reading

Some great finds for Valentine’s Day!  All of these items are on sale!!!  One exception….  the item I own on this page – the lipstick. But let me tell you about the lipstick.  It is BRIGHT RED.  The lipstick is fun.  The first time I put it on, I almost had a minor panic attack. … Continue Reading

This shampoo and conditioner is heavenly.  It gives my hair that luxurious feeling that sets salon shampoos and conditioners apart.  But on top of that, it smells amazing.  My husband can smell it when he walks in the room and tells me it smells wonderful.  I feel like a Hawaiian beauty.  The bottles are little, but … Continue Reading

Truth: For my whole life I have used simply face wash to take care of my skin. Truth: Being 30 requires more than that. Keihl’s hydroplumping serum is the jam.  My face feels awesome.  The first time I used it I could feel the difference the next morning.  Bonus: my sister accusingly asked me, “Why … Continue Reading