We just got back from our Lahaina family vacation.  We are veterans of the area, but experiencing it with two kids further highlighted why I love it so much.  Not a ton of big hotels in the area, but a bustling restaurant and shops area along Front Street.  (Don’t worry – I plan to tell you our list of favorite restaurants in another post!) There is also a great beach called Baby Beach right past the downtown restaurant area on Front Street.  You could easily hang out right in Lahaina the entire vacation, but it’s also convenient to exploring the rest of Maui: check out my post about Road to Hana.

Getting to Lahaina Family Vacation

The flight to Hawaii can be a real deterrent for families with young kids, and for good reason!  But I found it to be worthwhile.  You just have to be prepared.  My advice:

  1. Check everything possible (no, you will have no downtime to read that book on the plane)
  2. Gate check a stroller because you will still have way to much stuff to carry around the airport and need it as your “cargo wagon”
  3. Pack snacks, and ipad or the like (all rules about limiting screen time go OUT THE WINDOW on a plane), several games/toys to pull out of the bag mid flight for “something new to play with”, and TWICE the number of diapers you’ve ever needed for the length of the flight

On the last point on diapers – a poor lady on my plane was waiting for the gate checked stroller with me after the flight.  Her baby was wrapped in a blanket.  She said something about “finding diapers” after we’d been standing their waiting for a few minutes, and I realized to my horror that the baby had no diaper on.  I couldn’t fling diapers at her out of my diaper bag fast enough!

The picture below is me right after I got off the flight and just arrived for our Lahaina family vacation.  If you couldn’t tell from my webpage logo, I love pineapple.  So when I saw this coverup there was no question that I went “click and buy”.  Yes.  I decided my coverup was appropriate travel wear.

mom on point lahaina travel style

ke'anae penninsula aunt sandy's bread - road to hana

Baby Beach Looks

Here is a dress I took for a spin on the beach before dinner one night.   I featured this dress before here.  Love pairing it with this statement necklace.  A versatile dress like this easily goes from beach to date night.  It’s a great wardrobe staple.

mom on point anthropologie dress

Rash Guards

This hibiscus rash guard is available in white from Saint Bernard Sports or in the yellow version I’m wearing from Tommy Bahama.


I’ve also linked to some other rash guard options. I’m a huge fan of wearing a rash guard.  I’m well past the day of trying to get that perfect tan, and this keeps me from getting weird tan lines or worrying that I got sunscreen in every little spot!

lahaina maui

And my daughters pineapple rashguard from J. Crew – I will never get over it!  It’s sold out now, but below are some links to other outstanding rash guards for girls.  I especially like this zip up one because it can be a pain to get a good rash guard over their head.


mom on point blog family vacation lahaina

Thanks for checking out my Lahaina family vacation post!

P.S.  Don’t forget the sunscreen – this stuff is the best!  It was clutch for having babies along on our Lahaina family vacation. Great Amazon reviews, smells great, goes on well, and no chemicals.

thinkbaby sunscreen

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