Swimsuit season! ¬†Every mom’s favorite word ūüėČ. ¬†I’ve got on point style tips for both you and your little ones swimsuit attire.

Mom Swimwear – Tankini Swimsuit

I love a great tankini. ¬†Bottom line – it’s a look I feel comfortable in and still go to the bathroom while I’ve got a baby in one arm (can I get an amen). ¬†Unfortunately, tankinis are not in vogue at the moment, so finding a lot of good options is hard. ¬†I found this classic black top and bottom. ¬†Classic black is flattering and mom approved.

Here is my whole look.

Kid Swimwear – Rash Guard Swimsuit

I’m all in when it comes to rash guard tops. ¬†Pretty much all my girls wear are rash guards and bikini bottoms. ¬†Rubbing sunscreen all over a squirmy toddler or baby just adds to the circus of trying to go to the pool – not to mention reapplying. ¬†I feel much more confident that my kids won’t be miserable from a sunburn later with long sleeves on. I especially love this zip top set that my baby has on in this post. ¬†It gets great reviews! ¬†It’s SPF 50, easy to put on because of the zip, and the purple is bright and the flowers add a nice girly touch.

Here is my baby’s whole look plus a couple of other great rash guard options – my toddler has the pineapple top. ¬†It’s selling out fast but it is divine!!!

baby rash guard baby swimsuit tanking and rash guard safe sun

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