True story… as a newly minted fashion blogger, it became quite clear that it was time to for this mom to clean out my closet.  I dropped a couple of suits/work dress outfits off at Bibbentuckers for their partnership with a great non-profit called Attitudes and Attires.  And also took some stuff to donate to Family Place Thrift Store, the thrift store arm of a great non-profit here in Dallas that works to prevent domestic violence and operates the largest women’s domestic violence shelter in Texas.  Last but not least, I thought I’d try ThredUp – an online thrift store.

Before I get to my selling experience to ThredUp, I think the real magic is BUYING.  They have great items from brands you love at bargain bin prices – the magic of a thrift store without having to sort through endless items that don’t fit or belong in a “what not to wear” feature.  You can sort by size, brand, item type.  Below are some items they currently have on sale:


Back to the selling experience….

They send you a big bag in which to place clothes that are “mint condition and less than 5 years old”.  They warn you that they only can purchase about 40% of what they receive.  They donate the rest to Boys & Girls Club or can send it back to you for a fee. I definitely checked the donate button – I’m trying to get rid of stuff!!

thredup clean out bag mom on point

So I took my stuff that qualified and put it in the bag… 20 items in total!!!














Scheduled a USPS pick up on my front porch and waited to find out how much I would make off my pile.  About a week later, I got an email that they had received my items and it would take about 3.5 weeks to process – yikes!  But no biggie, I was just planning on getting rid of all this stuff anyways right?





A few days before they told me I would get a response, and e-mail came back.  They had accepted 50% of my stuff (hey better than average right!?) and I made a whopping $47.30.  So I’m not getting rich of this deal by any means, but I appreciate the extra incentive to clean out my closet.  And extra cash in mom’s wallet is always on point. I will likely use it again next time I do a major clean out.

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