Bluebonnets are a thing here in Texas y’all.  Taking your kids to a bluebonnet patch for pictures is as Texan as the Alamo, chips and salsa, waving while you drive…. you get the idea….

There is a great big patch at JCPenny Headquarters in Plano, TX.  It’s not secret – so expect lots of other people to be there, but there is plenty of room to get good pics even with a crowd.  The bluebonnets don’t last long, so I’d suggest heading out to take bluebonnet pics this week!  My oldest wore a precious bow from last season by Ashberry, which makes great classical dresses with a whimsical style for little girls.  And I love my baby’s headband from Tate and Tucker at Nordstrom.

I’ve linked to my baby’s headband as well as some other cute ones.  Y’all the crown is just the most precious baby shower gift EVER.

nordstrom baby headband tucker and tate headband

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