Y’all this is real life.  We do almost every outfit shoot with two little girls in tow (thus most of them happen in the middle of our street).  And I wouldn’t change a thing.  Being a mom gives me such clarity of purpose.

The modern mom gets pulled many different directions — career opportunities and decisions, school commitments, church events, a good desire to invest in friendships …. what’s for dinner.  With so many good things to choose from, it can be hard to parse out where your focus should be and where you should say no to good things.

Amidst the chaos I stay grounded in knowing that investing in my girls is never time wasted.

I’m committed to God.  I’m committed to my husband.  And I’m committed to raising these girls well.  That is certain.

Now on to the fashion… blush is so fun for Spring.  This light weight shirt is perfect to wear into early summer.  Pairs great with this spring scarf or with my $17 go-to necklace.

Thanks for stopping by and hug those little ones tight.

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