Y’all are in for a treat!!!  Not only do I bring you on point fashion for moms, but I’ve got the laughs too.  In case you were fooled – Instagram perfect images don’t happen in one shot.

That twirling dress pic at the top of the post… I die.  And make sure you didn’t miss my feet, how did that even happen!?!?

More evidence I need to work on my spinning technique….  Earrings on fire!!!

mom on point antho dress

This move should clearly be at the top of every fashion bloggers shot list…..  When your husband is taking pictures of you, and you have NO IDEA what to do next.


Or sometimes you need to walk seriously…

sole society bag

And SO MANY of these…IMG_5318

mom on point anthropologie outfit

Hope you got a good laugh!  CLEARLY I’m still trying to figure this whole thing out.  Thanks for coming along for the ride!!

Happy April Fools Day!!!

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