True story… as a newly minted fashion blogger, it became quite clear that it was time to for this mom to clean out my closet.  I dropped a couple of suits/work dress outfits off at Bibbentuckers for their partnership with a great non-profit called Attitudes and Attires.  And also took some stuff to donate to Family … Continue Reading

This mom is bringing you more on point styles today with a look that works for date night, work, or Sunday.  This dress is on SUPER SALE for $65 from J Crew.  Also comes in a super pretty royal blue.  Clutch has great pockets and plenty of room and is only $39.95.  

I wore this abstract floral dress from Anthropologie (it’s old) to church last Sunday with my zippered jean jacket – love my jean jacket and it’s on sale!  Jean jackets are very on point.  If you don’t have one back from last time they were cool still in your closet, consider adding one to your … Continue Reading

It’s Wednesday!  You know what that means!  Mom on point is bringing you a round up of the best sales on things I’m crushing.  These are all on sale for under $100 — ok, I cheated on ONE item.  That orange tweed dress is $110 with discounts, but I knew you’d want me to include it. 😉  … Continue Reading

Panic was starting to take over.  It had been building all day.  The despair had set in. I’d been praying fervently and there was no sign that my prayer would be answered.  Why?  Why? I had deftly deflected the panic by staying busy most of the morning.  Preoccupation seemed like just the remedy, but then … Continue Reading

Talking about some casual favorites today that are on repeat…. because they are worth repeating! I’ve blogged about this top before here.  And these jean shorts – I know they are pricey for jean shorts, but I LIVE in them.  Fit is phenomenal.  You will wear these for years.  I’ve also linked to another version … Continue Reading

This little girl’s Marimekko order came in on Friday (I ordered it Sunday morning), and she was excited to show it off!  Still a good selection of toddler stuff available for order (and some mom stuff too 😉).  

I know…. you didn’t think it was possible.  Drawstring shorts can be stylish!!!  And these are as comfy as any pair of running shorts you’ve EVER worn.  Plus they have great big pockets! My shorts also get five star reviews!  I’ve linked to my shorts plus some other drawstring and print options.  But seriously, get a pair. … Continue Reading

Mother’s Day is 2.5 weeks away.  Still plenty of time to order that perfect gift online.  I’ve rounded up my favorites – all under $100! Bags Jewelry Notebooks and Decor Candles and Diffusers Scarves

Pink Eye.  Both Eyes. Me.  BOTH EYES.  Thus I’m still not wearing make up and also sporting the glasses that the ophthalmologist office handed me when I said, “These are back up glasses that I never wear, so please give me the cheapest thing you have”. Thus I pulled out my handy dandy bag of … Continue Reading