Y’all – this dress. SO versatile.  Easily dressed up or dressed down.  Today I’m dressing it up!  And later this week I’ll dress it down (you know what to do… check back here 😉)

I got the petite small.  The easy flowing fabric makes it flattering.  You’ve already seen this cuff and necklace combination paired with a white tee in my Jewelry on Deck post.


Shoes you saw in my Easter post.   How did I not already have a pair of classic nude heels?  And I’ve talked about this wallet that doubles as a small clutch before in this post about my Chicwish skirt.

mom on point outfit inspiration

Are you noticing a trend?!?!  To be on point, you don’t have to own all the accessories in the world.  Get a few key pieces that work well.  Click on the thumbnail pictures to get direct links to all the items in my outfit!

mom on point look book anthropologie dress

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