I had drafted a post about a minor run in I had with TSA on the way home from Utah yesterday.  I was going to give you the play by play of the pointless headache they caused while our family of four – including a 6 month old and 2 year old – just tried to survive through security.  And then I deleted it.

You see, there are way too many things to be grateful for about our little getaway to focus on getting detained baby in tow.

I’m grateful for:

  • A few beautiful days in the mountain.  Skies were blue everyday. (Yay says the Texas girl!)  Seeing mountain top after mountain top is one of the few sights that without fail causes me to pause and consider the majesty of God’s creation.


  • My mother who volunteered to watch my children each day.  Bless her and her selflessness.  I got to spend time with my dad, my siblings, and one day with just my husband.  Taking off through the trails together just Eric and me, followed by little chats on the lift, was a welcomed treat amidst the chaos being parents of babies can bring.
  • Enjoying both skiing and snowboarding (yes, mom still has it 😉).
  • Some great moments with my girls.  My toddler decided she wanted to ski and the video my sister took as I chased her down the mountain (dear daughter had zero chance of stopping on her own) is definitely going to in the permanent nostalgia folder.


I have lots for which to be grateful.  Today I chose 1 Thessalonians 5:16: Rejoice always.

P.S.  If you missed any of the post from my vacation, check them out:  Cardigan Over Sore Muscles, Cashmere Wrap, Parka for Life.

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