Moms of toddlers all know that trying to keep your house looking at least somewhat in style while your little ones frolic (putting it in the kindest terms) is a CHALLENGE.  I definitely don’t have all the answers, but I have a couple of on point tricks.  When we moved into our house last year, I was so overwhelmed by trying to decorate in a kid-friendly way that I asked Courtney Adams to help me out.  So worth it.  Here are a few take aways:

Trick #1:  Baskets.  Woven baskets look very adult.  But you know what’s in them?  All the kids toys.  I put these on the lowest of our bookshelf display so my toddler has easy access.

Trick #2: Decorative books.  Listen – kids can destroy anything.  Decorative books appear to be pretty low on the list of things they want to destroy, and don’t break the bank.  Get books that are meaningful to you.  For example, Eric and I took a wonderful romantic getaway to Paris the week our first child was supposed to be born.  This book on our shelf is a occasional reminder of that healing and special trip.


Trick #3:  Add kid inspired accents.  I love the “DADDY” painting my daughter did.  So simple – a gift we gave to Eric last Father’s Day.  I used painters tape write out the word Daddy.  I let my toddler go to town with a couple shades of blue on the canvas, and when it dried I lifted up the painters tape – tada!



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