I have a new obsession with Sunglass Hut.  I think this is pretty much SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for any aspiring fashion blogger.  It’s critical that you not look straight at the camera because the shot is not about YOU, it’s about the CLOTHES.  (But people will follow your blog if they like you, explain that one to me.)  Enough with my secrets of fashion blogging….

Why this matters to you is that you can feel like a total fashionista with Sunglass Hut’s Try On Program.  They send you up to four pairs of sunglasses to try out for 5 days before purchasing.  Simply use the prepaid return shipping to ship back the ones you don’t want, and then Sunglass Hut will only charge you for the ones you keep!  They authorize $200 on your credit card to make sure it’s legit when they ship the sunglasses to you, but no charges go through until the trial period is over.

Genius!  Check out some of the sunglasses I’ve recently tried out below.

These black Ray Bans are basics that go with everything – as you can see by my plethora of pictures.  Sleek and unassuming but stylish, these are a great go to.



Statement jewelry necklace and earrings



These Erika Ray Bans are also a great staple.  A little more pizzaz than the basic black, but still a very traditional look.



These pink Michael Kohr’s sunglasses scream fun.  If you’ve already got basic sunglasses and are looking for flair to add to your collection, I’d highly recommend these.



I think these Dolce and Gabanna sunglasses work perfectly for a dressy event.  Going to an outdoor wedding?  Gala?  These look dressed up enough to go with your finest.




I love Maui Jims.  The first time I put a pair on a boat in the middle of the ocean (someone else let me try theirs on), I was instantly hooked.  I tried these out, and the lenses are literally incredible.   The world is in high definition through Maui Jims. I’d recommend the Sunglass Hut Home Try On Program just to see them for yourself.  I wasn’t in love with these frames though (which is no problem because I can send them back at no cost!), but that’s probably because of the other pair I got that I loved …


Full disclosure: my husband saw me take these out of the box and literally said, “And you’re trying to be a fashion blogger?”  His clear lack of appreciation for these aside, he’s normally a big advocate of this blog. [UPDATE: Eric read this and called out across the room that he is also the computer whiz that makes this blog run.  TRUTH] Nevertheless when it comes to these sunglasses he is TOTALLY WRONG.  These blue Maui Jims are amazing.  The bright blue is fun.  The lenses are great for water, snow, and Texas Summer – places where you really could use Maui Jim’s lenses.



And one with my sweet girl…

maui jim sunglasses toddler


So take some sunglasses for a spin.  It cost nothing and is tons of fun.  You can also shop the exact sunglasses I’ve featured in this post via the thumbnails below.

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