Ladies – I would never buy kid gear just because it looked fashionable (in this case fashionable if your sensibility is modern), but I would buy it if looked fashionable and was amazing functional.

Enter the Boon Highchair.


It’s is EASY TO CLEAN!  It has a wheel so it’s easy to move around.  The small tray is clutch because it makes it easy to pull your child close and let them feel like they are “included” and at the table with everyone else.  Don’t worry for a second about more food getting on the floor than a large tray – it’s only headed there if they want to toss it anyways.

We went with the gray and green to avoid potential food stains on a white chair.


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We love this high chair also!! And the look even blends into my traditional kitchen!


I like how it doesn’t take up a lot of space!


Agree Jessa – we put it in the corner out of the way when not in use. It has a sleek frame. Also fits nicely between two adults at the table.

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